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England Golf on World Handicap System - You can’t stop cheats (but you can help)

January 12, 2022

Just popping the three letters into a social media channel is enough to bring up a column of chat that it would take you hours to digest.

More than a year after its launch, the World Handicap System continues to be debated and digested by golfers all over the UK.

But sift through that collection and one theme emerges again and again. Integrity, or more precisely, the fear that WHS can be manipulated.

So what’s really going on under the bonnet? Is there truth to the claims or is it all just another internet conspiracy theory.

And what are governing bodies doing to ensure we’re all playing by the same rules and that those determined to be nefarious are caught out.

Our guest this week on the From the Clubhouse podcast is Gemma Hunter, England Golf’s head of handicapping and course ratings, as we went into a deep dive about all things WHS security…

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